Celebrate Church of Northwest Arkansas - Assembly of God

Sundays at 10AM
5110 Bellview Road - Rogers, AR  72758

Welcome To Celebrate Church of Northwest Arkansas (Assembly of God)

We're so glad you're here!  If this is your first time at Celebrate...or you have been here before...we want you to know that at Celebrate Church you are welcome and you are loved!  Celebrate Church is associated with the Assemblies of God and is located in Rogers, Arkansas. 

Your First Time With Us

What can you expect to see and experience when you visit Celebrate Church?

ATMOSPHERE - At Celebrate you will encounter friendly people, smiles, music which is planned to help you have a powerful experience with God, a relevant Biblically based message, all in a comfortable and inviting setting.  Our desire is to make you feel as welcome as possible with the goal of enabling you to experience the presence of Jesus.

A TYPICAL SERVICE - When you arrive, you will be greeted and handed a bulletin in which you will find announcements regarding upcoming events as well as a page to use for taking notes during the service.  (If you have any questions as you arrive, please feel free to ask those who greet you.  They are there to help!)  At 10AM, our services begin with a time of worship songs which have been prayerfully selected during the week.  Our time of worship songs will lead us into a time of prayer.  Following prayer, one of our Pastors will share a message designed to give you fresh and timely communication from God's heart to where you're at and what you're going through in life.  Our Pastors are committed to spending time each week in prayer so that they can share messages that the Holy Spirit can use to impact both your mind as well as your heart.  The message will be between 30-40 minutes in length and will conclude with an opportunity to respond to what you've heard.  

Celebrate Church is a part of The Assemblies of God fellowship of churches, although we don't believe "denominations" are what it's all about.  It's all about JESUS and whatever you're background...you're welcome at Celebrate!

At Celebrate Church we do not have a time during the service in which we receive an offering.  Instead, we provide an "offering box", which is located as you enter the sanctuary.  You will probably notice people worshipping in giving by placing an offering in this box.  (As a visitor, you will not be asked or expected to give an offering.  You are our guest!)

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR - We invite you to dress comfortably.  Some people enjoy putting on "their Sunday best".  That's terrific.  At the same time, others enjoy coming casually dressed.  That's perfect as well.  You'll fit right in.  After all, the Bible tells us that God is more concerned with our heart than He is with how we dress or look (1 Samuel 16:7)

MY KIDS - Since we began, children have been a priority at Celebrate.  If you have an infant or toddler, when you arrive you will find an inviting nursery staffed by loving and caring volunteers.  If you have children who are grade school age, they will begin by joining the adults for our time of worship songs and then they will be invited to participate in our Celebrate Kids Ministry.  Each week they will enjoy a time of fun and learning that is designed to give them a solid foundation in their faith through teaching the Bible in a way they can best understand.  As a parent you can rest secure knowing that all of our volunteers have regular "back ground checks" and have been trained to make your child's time as profitable and fun as possible.

We're look forward to being a blessing to you and your family!  Remember...You Were Born to Celebrate!